4 Hour Mold Removal Process

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Rid Your Structure of Harmful Mold

Rid Your Structure of Harmful Mold

Get mold remediation services in Nampa, ID

Mold thrives in dark, moisture-rich areas. If you notice water spots, musty odors or mold around your home, you should call a professional who can remove it right away. 2N Cleanup & Restoration offers reliable mold remediation services in Nampa, ID and surrounding areas. We can locate mold in your home or commercial space and remove it right away. You'll soon be breathing easy again.

Call 208-871-5458 today to arrange for mold removal services. Our mold inspections are free of charge.

See why it's important to remove mold ASAP

Choose 2N Cleanup & Restoration for mold remediation services in the Nampa, ID area. You should have mold removed right away because:

  • It can cause allergy flare-ups
  • It can lead to serious respiratory complications
  • It can cause structural damage
Contact us today to get expert mold removal services. We know how to remove mold from tough-to-reach spaces, like attics and crawl spaces.

Where is mold most often found?

  • Attics (On the back of plywood sheathing or around ventilation areas)
  • Soffit Vents (Near the bottom of the roof that provides ventilation to your attic)
  • Crawlspaces (Near the foundation where moisture could be coming in or pipe leak)
  • Framing (Behind drywall located on studs anywhere throughout home or business)
  • Flooring (Located on the bottom of flooring or subfloor)
  • Showers (Located behind shower if water leaked through caulking or on a wall that is close to a shower)
  • Drywall (Mold will either be visible on face of drywall or will be nonlocatable unless tested behind wall)
  • Paneling (Often noticed behind wood paneling)
  • Ceiling Tiles (Most common in businesses with leaky roofs or plumbing above ceiling tiles)
  • Insulation (Behind walls, in attics, and in crawlspaces)
  • Heating and Air Systems (In air ducts or around furnaces)
  • Water Heater (Around a leaky water heater often damaging sub-floor or drywall)

Step by Step

  1. Initial Inspection to find the source of mustiness or mold (which causes distinct discoloration or fuzziness on a material that is visible to the eye.)
  2. Are expertise will determine if there is a problem or if testing should be performed.
  3. Will locate the cause of issue that would allow moisture for mold to grow.
  4. If test is positive containment will need to be established to prevent spores from becoming airborne throughout the rest of the structure.
  5. Air scrubbers with HEPA filters will be put in place to filter the air and prevent airborne spores from escaping the containment or affected area.
  6. Are industry standard mold removal techniques will be determined by size or location of affected areas to provide the best results.
  7. Entire area will be HEPA vac'd to remove any spores left from are treatment process.
  8. Deodorization to remove odor
  9. Microbial testing will be done to make sure levels in the air are back to normal
  10. Certification of completion from homeowner once job is completed and homeowners are happy with results.