Erase All Signs of Water Damage

Erase All Signs of Water Damage

Arrange for water damage cleanup services in Nampa, ID

There's only one company to call when your home floods. 2N Cleanup & Restoration does water damage restoration work in Nampa, ID and surrounding areas. We can remove water from your home or workplace and dry out your structure. Then our crew can replace ruined flooring, drywall and framing to restore your structure to its original condition.

Call 208-871-5458 right away to get reliable water damage cleanup services. We provide free water damage inspections.

Keep mold from growing in your structure

Don't panic if a pipe bursts in your home or the roof on your office building springs a leak. 2N Cleanup & Restoration offers water damage restoration services in the Nampa, ID area. We'll replace water-damaged features in your home right away to:

  • Keep mold from taking hold
  • Prevent further structural damage
  • Improve your indoor air quality
Contact us immediately to schedule water damage cleanup services.

The Step by Step Process

  1. Initial call/step by step walk-through with homeowner
  2. Check for insurance coverage on water loss if homeowner chooses
  3. Identify hazards and prevent more damage from happening to contents, personal belongings, or structure materials.
  4. Free initial estimate
  5. Extract water remaining in affected areas
  6. Build drying chamber or containment barrier
  7. Remove non salvageable materials.
  8. Set air movers and dehumidifiers for drying process.
  9. Restore contents if affected.
  10. Once moisture readings have met dry standard, rebuild area and move contents back in that were removed.
  11. Certification of Completion once homeowner is happy with work performed and job completed.